SEO Trends of 2021

SEO- search engine optimization


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Now you must be thinking about what is SEO, why it is important, what is the purpose of SEO, and what will be the types????

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Do you think you still need SEO in 2021 for your website?

Do you think it will give you a good ranking and position on the Google Search engine result page in the coming years?

I know you have lots of questions in your mind when the topic is about SEO. Because everyone wants free/ organic results but also they want to get results as early as possible.

SEO is time-taking, it’s just you have to implement all the factors which are necessary for SEO correctly and you will get the results for sure.

It is a long-term game, you have to stay calm and patiently wait for the results. It takes 6 months-1 year to get a good ranking and position in the Google Search Engine Result Page of your website.

SEO’s trend is changing in 2021…….

So what are the new trends??

Will the new trends affect your website’s ranking?

Many webmasters still don’t know about these trends and they do not optimize these trends, maybe because they don’t have knowledge of this or they have no time for implementing new trends.

So, it is your advantage to learn these trends and implement them as soon as possible.

So, let me give you some insights into what are the new trends of SEO in 2020.

1- Content is always a king 👑 in SEO.

High-quality content is always a win-win situation for all webmasters. From old times it is always in the first positioning and still in the first place.


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The better content you create, the more people will show their interest in your content and thus the more will be traffic. Google likes better quality content, if you compromise your content then, Google will compromise your ranking.

Content and SEO complement each other, so you need to understand that great content makes your website great and also improves the position of your website.

It’s just you have to understand what type of content users want and then deliver that user-friendly content in your blog, then only SEO.


2- Reconsider your Search Intent🔍.

High traffic on your website means you are doing a great job.

But what is the purpose of this traffic if they don’t want to convert if they don’t want any engagement?

Internet search engine

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You always have to consider high-quality traffic rather than a high quantity of traffic. High traffic is great but it is not that great for a long-term basis.

If you have a blog and your goal is to get lots and lots of readers then congratulations you’re doing a great job.

But if you want more buyers then the high quantity of traffic is not your concern, your concern is to get high and relevant traffic who will take your service. 

3- Focus on quality backlinks, not quantity.

Backlinks are the links that you’re getting from other websites.

Always take Backlinks from high-quality websites, those websites that have high domain authority.


Spammy websites and paid links should be avoided.

Backlinks should be taken from relevant websites, within the same niche and industry. Then it will be called quality backlinks.

It is very important for SEO because it improves the quality of your website as well and also builds trust among two websites. 

Backlinks should be for free not paid. If you are purchasing backlinks then it is Black Hat SEO means it is a way of cheating to search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. which is unethical.

4- Improve your website and impress your customers with a Great User Experience.

Good User Experience means a site should be easily loadable. A new user can also access the website easily. Content is also very important for a good user experience. Content should be easily understandable by new users thus it will improve customer engagement in your website.

customer experience

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First, you have to understand what the user intends, then according to that, you have to design your website and improve everything by using on-page SEO techniques.

You have to optimize your website as well as provide good content to your website/ blog then only it will be considered as a good user experience.

5- Responsive Website

You should make your website mobile-friendly. The website that is mobile-friendly loads faster than those websites which are not. 

mobile friendly website

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As a Digital Marketer or SEO, it is mandatory to keep in mind that the website should load as fast as possible to get a higher ranking and position in Search Engines.

Take care of the position of the website in mobile search.

We are in the era of new technology and constant improvement. Mobile searches are the most popular thing in today’s world.

The mobile-friendly website gives a good user experience.

You have to make sure that your page speed is good and easily accessible. Many tools are there where you can check your page speed like GT Metrix, Pingdom, WebPage Test, etc.

A website should be mobile-friendly.

6- Implement Structured Data

Structured Data/ Schema Markup is vitally increasing. It helps search engines to better understand the content of your website. 

structured data

It is important for SEO because it will help Google and other search engines to understand what your pages and websites are all about.

Using Structured Data means you are directly telling search engines what is the purpose of your website.

Those websites that have schema markup in them are more indexable than those websites without schemas. This helps to deliver rich results from your websites to appear on SERP.

Therefore, we can say that a better schema markup means better SEO.


SEO is going to be still popular in 2021 and you have to follow all the guidelines of SEO to get a good ranking and position on Google Search Engine Result Page. 

Every organization with a digital presence has to follow all the necessary points of SEO to get more traffic and generate more sales.

I hope all these aforementioned tips and guidelines of SEO trends will help you to do SEO for your website more effectively and efficiently.

If you’ve any queries or doubts related to SEO then you can ask me in the comment section.

Thank you for your time and encouragement, it means a lot to me. 

All the best for your future endeavors. 

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